What Makes Hemp Water Different From Hemp Oil?

Updated: May 24

Hemp, or cannabidiol, has been on the market for a while. It’s amassed a large number of products. I’m sure you’ve heard about hemp gummies, face scrubs and honey. But these are just a few of the options of the ever-growing hemp market. One of the newest products on the market is hemp water.

It’s an extremely innovative option, mixing the benefits of hemp with the hydration of water. It’s unique. A way you can learn about hemp water is by exploring how it compares to one of the older products on the market, hemp oil. Here is what makes hemp water different from hemp oil.

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a classic. It’s been around for a while, and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Hemp oil is a quick and easy way to get higher doses of hemp. It typically comes with a dropper that has markers so you know exactly how much you’re taking. Substances enter your bloodstream quicker when they are under your tongue, so many people take it this way.

However, it can just be swallowed as well. Some people even find creative ways to mix it with different food items. Hemp oil is great for high doses and offers a good solution for anyone who needs more to feel its positive effects.

What is Hemp Water?

Hemp water is one of the newest and most innovative hemp products on the market. It takes the positive benefits of hemp and mixes them with water. A perfect love story really. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, and that mixed with the benefits of hemp might just make it the perfect option for you. Being able to pack hemp into water bottles makes it possibly the most portable and accessible form for its benefits.

Hemp water typically has lower levels of hemp, so it’s better for people who need a lower dose at the time. Most hemp waters are 2-5 MG, but there are some brands that go higher than that. That being said, it can be on hand pretty much anywhere. Even in work settings, other options like gummies might be frowned upon. Everyone needs water, and tons of people typically have it on hand. Hemp water provides an option for you to find relief anywhere, not just some places.

What Makes Hemp Water Different From Hemp Oil?

You could essentially call hemp water and hemp oil the same thing. They have the same effect. That being said, they have two very different uses. Hemp oil has its use due to the higher dosage possibilities. Hemp water is possibly the best and easiest option to have on the go. It’s also good to have around as a hydrating beverage. The dosage tends to be lower, but it still has its use.

These are just a couple of options for gaining the benefits of hemp, but they’re two extremely useful ones. Hemp oil and water could either be used separately or together. Hemp oil is here to provide you heavier relief when needed, and hemp water is here to provide relief anywhere and any time.

There are only a couple of things that make hemp water different from hemp oil, but they cause such a big difference. Hemp is well known for its relieving effects on both pain and anxiety. Oil provides a larger dose, and water provides more accessibility. You could pick one or the other, or do both.

Oil could give a big initial burst of relief when water is there to retain that relief to some degree throughout the day. Hemp water is pretty new to the market, and it boasts the innovative possibilities within the hemp market. Have you tried hemp water or hemp oil yet?

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