What are potential 5 Hemp Water Benefits?

Updated: May 24

Hemp, it’s one of the terms that can be used to describe cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is known as the ingestible substance within cannabis that doesn’t cause psychoactive effects. It’s known for its numerous health benefits, especially with pain relief and anxiety.

There are so many hemp options for you to explore such as gummies, oils and coffee beans. It’s even been popping up pretty widely in the beauty community with a large variety of topicals. One of the newest and most innovative products on the market is hemp water.

What is Hemp Water?

Hemp water is made by extracting hemp from its plant and mixing the particles with water. Hemp doesn’t naturally mix well with water, so technology is used to make the water molecules more likely to mix with the hemp.

The mixture is agitated to the point of where the hemp droplets are small enough to disperse within the water. Hemp water is fairly new to the market, and it packs all the benefits of HEMP into easily portable bottles. There are so many hemp water benefits, and they exist in convenient bottles that you can easily have on the go.

Hemp Water Benefits

Pain Relief

One of the most well-known benefits of hemp is pain relief. It’s known for both pain management and inflammation reduction. This means that hemp water is perfect for anyone living an active lifestyle. Water is always a better option than sweet sugary workout drinks, and hemp’s pain-relieving effects make it even better.

It provides a healthier and more natural pain relief option compared to more common pain relief drugs. Pain relief is a hemp water benefit that could definitely be a game-changer when it comes to those who need relief all throughout the day.

Anxiety Relief

Hemp is used by many for its positive impacts in terms of anxiety relief. There have been a few studies done that show its potential effects on different forms of anxiety. I think this makes it one of the most undoubtedly useful hemp water benefits.

I have personally used hemp oil for my anxiety in the past, and water would have made it more accessible at any time. There are even some places, such as work, that gummies may not be at the ready. Water is something that most people have on them at all times. It might just be the most accessible way to get the uses hemp has to offer.


It’s no secret that everyone should be staying hydrated. People need about 11.5-15.5 cups of water a day from all sources. I know I’m guilty of forgetting to have this much sometimes.

Staying hydrated is so important that it’s become a bit of a wholesome meme to ask, “Did you drink water today?” Well, did you? Go get some, maybe pick up some hemp water… But seriously, hydrating is super important. Hemp water assures that you’re staying hydrated while getting all the benefits of hemp.

Sleep Aid

Another hemp water benefit can be found in the way it aids in sleep. Studies show that hemp increases quality of sleep. The way hemp affects the endocannabinoid system plays a role in your sleep-wake cycle and internal clock. This, mixed with the positive impacts on pain and anxiety, make hemp the perfect sleep aid.

If you have trouble sleeping, it might be beneficial to have a bottle or cup of hemp water at your bedside. It’s a good way to make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the night while increasing your quality of sleep.

Lowering Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common problem with a long list of possible health concerns and heart problems. The world is a very stressful place right now which just makes the issue more prevalent. Hemp is also being studied for its possible benefits in terms of lowering blood pressure. It’s safer than prescription blood pressure drugs, just as its other benefits are safer than other options. Keeping your blood pressure in check is super important, and this makes hemp super useful in your daily routine

There are so many hemp water benefits. Hemp and water are pretty much made for each other. They both benefit the body and brain in wonderful ways. Having hemp water gives you an easy option to stay hydrated and get the benefits of hemp wherever you are.

It’s just one of the many options for using hemp, and there are more uses when taking into account the long list of products. Hemp water is an innovation that makes the benefits of hemp more accessible than ever before. Have you tried and enjoyed hemp products before? You should take a look into hemp water next.

MOVE water has you covered with flavored hemp water. Move water has a variety of flavors in bottles that are packed with 20 mg of hemp each. They make the benefits of hemp more accessible and easy than ever. Move water is recyclable, non-GMO and Vegan safe. Check out Move water if you’re looking for tasty water with all the benefits that hemp has to offer.

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