WATER CONTAINING HEMP? A Welcome Supplementary

Updated: May 24

What is HEMP?

HEMP is a cannabinoid, which is extracted from the cannabis plant. However, unlike marijuana which contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that gives you a ‘high’, HEMP does not trigger any psychotic effects in the user. Known for its many health benefits, consumer demand for HEMP is constantly on the rise..

Commonly used HEMP products

There’s quite a varied choice of HEMP products on the market already.

  • There are the ones you can ingest such as Gummies or specifically baked products. Depending on the potency and dosage of the HEMP ingested, this will affect the amount of time it stays in your system. It will also have a different level of impact in the alleviation of pain etc. depending on the individual’s particular reaction to the HEMP

  • There are HEMP oils that you can put underneath your tongue for help in relieving stress, and the oil can also be put on the scalp as an aid for a healthy scalp, promoting hair growth.

  • HEMP that is vaped or smoked can give you fast relief in as little as ten minutes, but the effects can wear off after only a couple of hours, and some people are dubious about the ramifications that the inhalation method might have on their lungs.

  • HEMP also comes in the form of topical treatments, where the cream or ointment is specifically manufactured to be applied directly to the skin to relieve such ailments as muscle, joint or ligament pain.

Companies are continually researching for new and inventive ways that HEMP may be administered, so here it is……….

Introducing HEMP Water

How do you get HEMP into water

The secret is in the manufacturing process, by using nanotechnology. This method breaks down the HEMP into nano-particles (microscopic droplets) which prevents the oil from separating,(as would normally happen if you put oil into water). And by using emulsion technology, this enables the oil to be infused readily into the water and makes it easier for the body to absorb.

How much HEMP is in the water

How much HEMP is actually found in the water is variable, depending on different brands, but the average is said to be about 2.5mg of cannabidiol per bottle. Doesn’t seem much does it, when it’s been suggested, that for HEMP to have a more profound effect on a person, you would need to take a minimum of 15mg per day. But if you drink the recommended 6 pints of water a day, you'll be getting your 15mg of HEMP, and essentially, you’ll stay hydrated too!

That said, HEMP water companies are also claiming that because of the decreased size of the particles, during the nanotechnology process, this enables the body to have a higher bioavailability (absorption) rate, so in actual fact, drinking HEMP water will have the desired effect more rapidly.

Does HEMP water get you high

No, HEMP water will not get you high, due to the process the cannabis plant goes through to extract Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the hemp plant, HEMP water does not contain any psychotic triggers.

Can you make your own HEMP water

  • Yes, because you can buy powdered HEMP on-line or at your local pharmacy, which is dissolvable in water.

  • Yes, because you can order pre-bottled HEMP water enhancers such as the Kinis MOVE HEMP Water Enhancer!

  • No, because you need to have specialist equipment plus the scientific knowledge in order to be able to process the breakdown of the HEMP into microscopic droplets or water soluble powder, to enable it to mix it with water. Yes, because you can buy powdered HEMP on-line or at your local pharmacy, but you’ll need to be careful of the dosage and potency.

The pros of HEMP water

  • Drinking water is essential to keep you hydrated, and with the addition of HEMP it has many other health benefits too.

  • It is easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

  • It can give you a quick and easy fix.

  • It can lower anxiety levels.

  • It can help to relieve stress.

  • It can improve your mood.

  • It can reduce inflammation.

  • Decreases pain.

  • Help you sleep.

  • Balances your equilibrium.

Are there any side-effects with HEMP water?

  • Taking HEMP water has been known to give certain people dry eyes or a dry mouth.

  • If you have a heart problem, then it is advised not to take HEMP in any form, including in water, as this may interfere with any medication you might be taking such as calcium channel blockers.

  • Other medicines to also be aware of are Antidepressants, antipsychotics and antibiotics.

To be on the safe side, if you are on any medication, then it is advised to consult your doctor prior to taking any HEMP product.

Can you have an allergic reaction to HEMP water?

Although it is very rare to be allergic to HEMP water,(it will be the HEMP that you are allergic to) as with all allergic reactions, that will depend on the individual. As HEMP is extracted from the cannabis plant, it may contain compounds such as pollen and histamine which inadvertently may cause allergic reactions such as a runny nose or problems with breathing.

If you experience any adverse symptoms, then stop taking the HEMP water immediately and seek medical attention. But on the flip-side, because HEMP also contains anti-allergenic and antihistamine properties, it has also been known to help with allergies.!

To be on the safe side, if you are worried about having an allergic reaction, then it is advised to consult your doctor prior to taking any HEMP product.

Is HEMP water right for you?

As we’ve discovered, HEMP can be inhaled by the use of a vape, digested in gummies or other food forms, or used topically directly onto the skin. But the latest revelation and rising in popularity is HEMP in water. Try it and see. It could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Take a look at our delicious HEMP infused beverages and products here at MOVE today!

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