The Benefits of Water Soluble Hemp for Heel Pain

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Any athletes in the building? You already know the struggles of heel pain.

You more than likely clicked on this article to figure out if water-soluble hemp can truly wipe that winceful grimace off of your face whenever your heel hits the ground. As someone who has suffered from plantar fasciitis for weeks on end, I feel your pain. But, if you’re anything like me, you believe in fully researching and understanding the solutions to your problems. So, let’s make this learning experience with hemp soluble water quick, sweet, and simple!

What is Hemp Water?

Let’s make one thing clear: the hemp in question does not hold the same psychoactive qualities that typical marijuana holds. Once the hemp is extracted as a chemical compound, the connected ‘highs’ are no longer present.

In fact, the desire of chasing a ‘high’ quickly shifts over to pursuing ‘healing’ as hemp has been linked to many health benefits for the overall body. Heavy research is being conducted each day on the correlation between hemp and health, yet so far scientists believe the chemical can lead to amazing benefits such as:

  • Inflammation alleviation

  • Stress/ depression reduction

  • Chronic pain relief

As people all over the world began to notice how beneficial the chemical could be, all sorts of hemp-infused products bounced into the marketplace. This leads us to our topic at hand- hemp water: a liquid that compresses tiny particles of hemp into it for easy oral consumption.

Is Hemp Water Soluble?

In its most natural form after extraction, which is an oil-based state, hemp is actually hydrophobic. Which quite literally means it’s fearful of water! (Or at least it doesn’t dissolve as easily in it.) Substances, such as oils, that do not dissolve quickly in the body have a much tougher time fully absorbing in the bloodstream.

Most of the beneficial effects of the hemp tend to be instantaneously lost in this repellant internal process. Fortunately, scientists are constantly discovering new ways to make hemp properties more water-compatible to flow more smoothly through the body.

How to Make Water Soluble Hemp

Crafting water-soluble hemp probably isn’t something you’ll be doing as a DIY recipe with the family in your backyard. The process of compacting intricate hemp particles is pretty complex after all.

Scientists often turn to nanotechnology to fulfill the daunting process of minimizing hemp clusters to microscopic levels that can be finely mixed in water. The end result produces an even stronger hemp solution that can straightforwardly integrate into the body’s bloodstream.

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How cool is science?!

Hemp for Heel Pain

Now for the good stuff! If my writing above has been boring you, (I'm sorry) you'll be excited to learn more about how hemp can potentially alleviate inflamed pain in the body. From heel spurs to tendonitis and even gout, hemp possesses the potential to possibly reduce some of those lingering pains with a more holistic approach.

Hemp Water Soluble Benefits

I've said it once and I will say it again. One of the biggest issues hemp potentially helps with is inflammation. That one benefit is worth a mic drop, standing ovation alone! Countless issues arise from inflammatory struggles in itself, ranging from:

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Bursitis

  • Reactive arthritis and loads more!

These painful afflictions have been shown to alleviate greatly with use of hemp products when tested on lab mice. Various lab reports tend to follow the same curve of the authoritative healing power hemp has on the body as well. But wait! The benefits don't stop there either! Some studies even claim that hemp-infused water or products can help improve skin, increase heart health, and aid in better sleep quality.

As researchers ambitiously strive to ultimately prove these positive results over long-term health in humans, it is always best to advise a medical professional before consuming any hemp-related products!

Best Water Soluble Hemp

Some of the best water-soluble hemp products can be composed of either hemp Isolate or Full Spectrum hemp. Hemp Isolate contains no trace of the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) within the hemp plant while Full Spectrum often contains a very small percentage of THC.

Both forms can be used as speedy dissolvents to add in water for easing injuries.

Where to buy water soluble hemp?

Have I gotten you hooked yet? I'd like to think my sense of literary humor can reel anyone in, but more importantly, I'm hoping you're at least encouraged to learn more about hemp water.

One of the greatest ways to learn is through experience...

So, why not experience some of our thirst-quenching Cucumber Lime Hemp Water for yourself? I can't guarantee that it will heal your heel instantly, but I can guarantee that it will fill your taste buds with pure bliss.

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