The Beauty of Hemp Infused Water

Updated: May 24

What is Hemp Infused Water?

Hemp can be used to describe the non-psychoactive part of the Cannabis plant. The part of hemp that we ingest would be called Cannabidiol, but let’s just stick with calling it hemp for now. There are so many hemp products with an array of uses. You can find gummies, oils, lotions, face creams, and yes, water.

So many people have boasted the calming and pain-relieving aspects of ingestible hemp products. Hemp infused water is one of the newest of these products on the market, and it makes it an extremely simple way to receive these positive effects.

Hemp infused water is one of the newest beneficial Hemp products available for you to try. I find it especially useful due to the positive effects of hemp mixed with the hydration from water. You can knock out pain, anxiety or sleep troubles while making sure to stay healthy and hydrated. The way it’s made is basically part of the phrasing itself. “Hemp infused water.” The hemp is first extracted from the plant and then infused into the water in tiny particles.

What Makes Hemp Infused Water Unique?

There actually isn’t much of a difference between hemp water and oil. It is possible that your body takes in hemp water easier than oil due to it being 60% water, but there is no science to back this up quite yet. The biggest typical difference is the potency. HEMP oil has its own use as it can be more easily taken in higher doses. Most hemp infused waters use low doses of around 5 Mg.

That being said, some hemp infused waters do take on higher doses. Water is one of the more convenient ways of receiving the benefits of hemp. Everyone drinks water. It’s easy to pull out and take a drink of hemp infused water when you’re out and about and need relief from pain or anxiety.

Hemp Infused Water for Exercise

Hemp infused water has benefits and uses for anyone investing in a sport or workout. Its hydration effects, mixed with effects on inflammation and pain, make it an absolutely wonderful and useful exercise tool.

Hemp infused water can tackle your muscle soreness while making sure you’re healthy. It can help you stray away from other workout drinks that are loaded with sugar. Hemp is also healthier and safer than many other pain-relieving medicines such as NSAIDs.

Hemp Infused Water for Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I always try to remember to have water before bed. I also tend to be a restless sleeper sometimes, lying awake for hours on end. I’ve actually used hemp to sleep in the past, but hemp infused water makes it a lot easier as water is already a part of my nightly routine.

What hemp effects is called the endocannabinoid system. It’s known to play a role in not just sleep, but in mood, memory, and reproduction as well. Science is still ongoing as to exactly how hemp affects sleep, but it’s believed to positively impact your sleep-wake cycle and internal clock.

Hemp infused water has so many benefits and can be especially useful for sleep and exercise. Two very different times of the day. It can be used in the same way any other form of hemp is and is very similar to hemp oil. The main difference is that hemp oil is typically more concentrated and can be used when more is needed. Drinking water is almost never a bad idea, and hemp infused water can keep you hydrated while tackling pain relief. Have you been hearing tons about hemp and don’t know where to start quite yet?

MOVE water has you covered with flavored hemp infused water. MOVE water has a variety of flavors in bottles that are packed with 20 mg of hemp each. They make the benefits of hemp more accessible and easy than ever.

Move water is recyclable, non-GMO and Vegan safe. Check out MOVE water if you’re looking for tasty water with all the benefits that hemp has to offer.

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