Salesforce Went Upside Down - World Wide Web Outage

People freaked today when they saw that Salesforce was down.

I remembered that there was a scheduled maintenance coming up...

However, I was certain that it was not meant to be today!

Then I discovered that, Salesforce was down globally

- May 12, 2021 3pm PDT

When did the issues start happening?

According to some inside Salesforce team members, there have been issues since 21:46 UTC on May 11, 2021. That is 2:46pm Pacific Time for us over here in California.

Instead of freak, I reached for my MOVE water and took a sip to calm my nerves down and re-center my focus.

Salesforce is one of the largest cloud software providers (If not the largest), and no businesses can currently get into it at the time of this initial writing.

That's more than 3 hours of down time which is rare for this huge enterprise.

Who is it used by?

The service is used by tens of thousands of businesses and millions of employees. Not only for CRM activity, however, other vital functions too.

Salesforce is responsible for billions of dollars in sales yearly, so you can understand why people are freaking. And when I say people, I mean people at the top of the chain within companies bringing in millions of dollars daily... because over the last few hours (you guessed it), millions of dollars has been put on pause and/or lost.

Makes more sense now right!

So while thousands of people are freaking, I'm sitting here with my MOVE Water calming myself down, staying focused and continuing to be productive - Thank Goodness.

What are companies affected doing about it?

Larger companies across the world have began apologizing and sending out alternative contact methods to clients that would have usually been handled via Salesforces platform. I've seen emails and phone numbers advertised as a temporary workaround!

Can you imagine... massive corporations with thousands, some hundreds of thousands of clients, now receiving phone calls and emails instead of through an organized and trackable system like Salesforce - talk about potential overwhelm.

*Grabs bottle of MOVE Water and takes another sip*

And because a lot of these corporations clients rely on these businesses having working Salesforce integrations, the volume of clients wanting to get in contact with them would have certainly increased.

What is going on?

It's now 6:11pm Pacific Daylight Time and after a hard refresh it appears as though we can now see our leads and use the CRM like normal.

A little longer than usual for this mammoth sized software company.

This here was a massive outage and now consumers are wondering if it could have been due to a Cyber Attack following recent alarming events to society....

As a big believer in positive thinking and time management, I don't let my focus or emotions sway too much... so advise all reading this to live similarly #StayCalmAndCarryOn

*Takes another sip of MOVE Water*

This message was posted on Salesforce's website:

Multiple Salesforce Applications Disrupted
Update: The Technology team continues to manually restore service. We currently don’t have an estimated time on when full recovery is expected. The team is confident that this incident was the result of an internal DNS change. We are starting to get reports that some customers are able to access their Salesforce services. For example, our Government Cloud environment is now out of impact.
Customers using multifactor authentication will still be affected by the issue.
User Impact: At 21:46 UTC on May 11, 2021, The Salesforce Technology team became aware of an issue impacting multiple Salesforce services. Customers will experience issues while navigating multiple Salesforce services, including the Core application, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud (fka Communities). The issue is also impacting the Salesforce Trust site as the page is only intermittently accessible.
Next Update: We’ll provide an update in 30 minutes, or sooner if additional information becomes available.

Salesforce appears to be usable (6:20pm PDT)... although Salesforce likely won't reveal anything until they are certain.

As for the questions, "Why is Salesforce down?", "Why was Salesforce down?", "What happened to Salesforce?"...

Your answer is likely best received from the customer service team at Salesforce directly HERE

But before you go...

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